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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Oh What A Troubled Web We Weave...

That's Vincent being very overwhelmed by a new toy - some cats can't handle it. I attempted to retrieve my paycheck from Moses Taylor, but of course there has to manuvering etc. Apparently it's against policy to mail it to me since if they did that it would cut down on the badgering. The nurse manager called and told me since I had called in sick my last day I wouldn't be recieving any vacation time earned and she was willing to go out on a limb,personal sacrifice,yada yada and could arrange for me to work another shift to make it up. Hmm. That would be a NO. Not that I'm so rich I don't need the money or even want it, but A) I can pretty much guess the one shift would be a 12 hour one on Christmas and B) Can you smell trouble in the making? After my send off of getting written up the last thing I need is to give them another whack at me! I could tell she was pretty surprised that I thanked her kindly and turned her down.  So the next pay period I can come into HR to turn in my badge and then I will get my final paycheck sans any vacation time.I went to my first day of orientation at Wayne Memorial - you have to cross a river on a footbridge from the employee parking which is cool AND it only took me 20 minutes to get there which is cooler. I got there 10 minutes ahead of time to find out they'd cancelled orientation due to only 2 new employees and had moved it to 1/4. They were very apologetic and started making busybee work for me, but I told them I knew they had other things to do and I certainly didn't mind. I scored some brownie points for being a good sport and skeddled back home by 9! I don't have to be back until the 30th. I made reservations for David and Adam on Christmas, since his flight leaves at 6:10 am the 26th I'd figured it would make more sense for them to be there so they'll be at the Marriot which is right in the airport and they have all night shuttle service. It's a shame he'll have to leave Christmas afternoon but I didn't want them driving in the middle of the night in case they got lost or bad weather. He's going to try to make it into NYC - we'll see!

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