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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Jackson turned 15 yesterday. His favorite present this year was from Aunt Janet and Aunt Diane - a cell phone! I turned it on and Aunt Janet called at midnight since by then it was the official time for his birthday. He played with it all day yesterday, we know every ringer tone he has. We took him to the mall in Wilkes-Barre to shop and spend some of the money he got - his favorite store Hot Topic is there where all the clothes are black and very Dramatic and seem to have chains and so forth hung from all corners . The boots he wanted weren't there so David's taking him to an Army store today. We then went to Dickson City so he could go to Game Stop which for Jackson is as close to a religious experience as you can get. He no longer goes to church because he's going through a mad at god phase while exploring other beliefs so we go along with that, he and the big guy will just have to work it out on thier own. For his birthday dinner we did Olive Garden at 2pm and were going to do a bit more shopping but then the unpredicted snow started - what a mess! EVERYONE was making a dash for home so traffic was tied up forever. I'll tell you one thing - I would never buy a minivan, they cannot handle even an inch of snow. They were the only cars sliding and spinning thier wheels. David didn't mind the traffic too much because I put on a radio station that plays ALL the songs you know the words to. Jackson just turned his CD player up to avoid having to hear Buttercup and anything by Diana Ross.  We bought a boston creme pie for the birthday cake as Jackson doesn't eat regular cake and being unable to find birthday candles used a tealight. Whatever works. We've heard from Adam, a list of the stuff he forgot but he seems to be fine. I'm guessing he didn't get in trouble over his leave papers which clearly state on the top DO NOT DESTROY OR LOSE, but didn't say anything about running them through a washer and dryer (oops). He had taped them together so I guess they passed. His ship is going into drydock pretty soon so hopefully that will give him time to look into college loans, etc.. to prepare for his Dramatic Exit in a year and a half.

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