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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Lifestyle Of The Unemployed

I had a great time by myself I have to admit. Here is a little helpful hint - if burning a fakie log in the fireplace DO NOT AGITATE IT WITH THE POKER. It says that right on it by the way, but some of us can't resist which resulted in some of us debating making a mess with the fire extinguisher vs calling the fire department. I waited it out and it finally died down but it was a bit touch and go. The dogs were hanging around the door ready to abandon ship at one point. Other than that I spent Monday knitting and eating health foods such as Yule Log and Friday's Spinich and Artichoke dip on nacho chips. Tuesday it was back to business, I cleaned the house and did a little shopping, then called in sick for my last day. I think they were laying in wait for me because normally the Nursing Office just takes my call but this time they tried to put me through to Warren. But he was NOT in his office so I got to be the Weasel. I'm sure there will be payback down the road, but I was NOT going to miss Adam again. They got home around one, so we sat around and visited and then took Adam to the chinese buffet at his request. You would think living in an asian country he wouldn't even want to look at it, but he said there they have the real deal - steamed and full of veggies. As opposed to American "chinese" which is drowned in batter, deep fried, slathered in sauce with tons of other stuff on the menu (our chinese buffet serves roasted potatoes and spinich florintine). He went to bed fairly early, I think the time switch and all the activity has finally caught up with him. I found a box of his old clothes and after sorting through we found a good amount of stuff that still fits. We are so glad to have him home.

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