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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Creature Of The Mid-Afternoon

Vincent would like to be a Creature Of The Night, but around here he's forced to be a Creature Of The Morning To Midafternoon and the whole thing is tough tacos otherwise. There's just too much running around here at night besides cats.Vincent gets a kick out of lurking about the woods and spends the whole day outside.  My job has been picking up and I'm averaging about 80 to 150 miles of travel time a day. I'm loaned out to Uniontown every Friday which is still causing a bit of a ruckus due to last Friday's miscommunication which led to me putting over 250 miles on my car IN ONE DAY. Talk about the scenic tour! David leaves for LI on Monday for the week, I'm dropping him off at the airport at 6am - it should be an interesting week of more driving since I have to ferry Jackson back and forth plus school two nights a week for me. And the dogs of course. We'll muddle through as we usually do. Jackson continues to do fine at home and in school, he's decided he likes Becky's parents better than us so he's been hanging around there a lot. That's ok, the cat likes ME better than Becky's parents! I paid off my ticket so I'm a free citizen, I was told I couldn't put that on my expense account. Apparently criminal behavior is not covered so I guess I won't be prostituting on my lunch break anymore, haha.

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