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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Other Boy

I took this picture of Adam off of Reiko's website, I'm always so glad to see pictures of him! He's seriously talking about re-upping for at least two more years so we'll have to see. I'm glad he seems to have found his niche in life, but I just wish he'd found it a little closer. He's also been very serious about a girl and I think they'll end up married at some point. He's out at sea again and will be celebrating his 22nd birthday this year, I can' t believe he's an adult now. I finished Liz's sweater and Copper did his modelling duties, something a little off the shoulder for him. Yesterday we played hookey from chruch and headed out to Clarksburg. David wanted to drop a pulley off at some guy's house and we ended up sitting in the truck for an hour as he yakked away. Becky was with us as it was a shopping trip, we did Emily Drive first where AC Moore's is - I got a ton of yarn and then we went to the mall in Bridgeport. David leaves for LI tomorrow, his flight is scheduled to leave at 6:25 am so we'll be out the door at 5 I guess. I've been trying to figure out the logistics of the week - I think I'll drop Jackson off early, run back to the house to let the dogs out for one last potty break and then shoot off to work. Then after work, I have to run to Saberton to pick Jackson up (Becky's parents said he could ride the bus home with Becky for the week so he doesn't have to hang around the school), dump him off at home and then bolt to Fairmont for class. I've already spoken to the teacher and she said it was ok for me to be late this week. David will be back next Monday afternoon. My biggest concern is the dogs since I'll be out of the house all day and they're pretty old. But it's really only 3 days I have to concerned about so I guess I'll just have to invest in some rugcleaner and do a lot of finger crossing!

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