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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

David is back.

And he had a good time too, he managed to see pretty much everyone on LI during the week and spend time with his parents. He said the flight back was good, but the jaunt from Pittsburgh to Morgantown airport left a bit to be desired. The plane is very small (20 passenger) and David said they don't bother to pull the curtain so you can see what the captain and his trusty sidekick are doing. He found it a bit disconcerting because they appeared to be randomly tapping on the equipment as they flew and he wasn't sure if it wasnt working or they simply didn't know what it did. He also had an incident in LaGuardia when he put his carryon through the metal detector and while going through his bag later discovered the pocket knife his dad had given him right before he left. David was afraid if he went to the next airport with it there might be a problem so he brought his bag back to the metal detector crew and caused a bit of an uproar. Not because a rather large pocketknife was in his bag and he might be a terrorist, but because someone at the checkpoint was in deep doodoo for letting slide by. David just handed over the pocketknife and told them to keep it since everyone was hysterically denying being at the checkpoint anyhow (apparently David had checked himself through the way things were looking) and got on the plane home. It rained all day yesterday and this morning feels a bit cooler which I'm looking foward to.

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