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Friday, September 9, 2005

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

Sigh. I am a criminal again. I got caught speeding - 75mph in a 45 mph zone in Sissy Baby Pennsylvania of course, home of the Sunday Driver. I was guilty and did admit it, so I got reduced to some disobeying the speed limit nonsense which means I have to pay $105, but no points on my license. I've been pretty good about it, once you cross the border to Pa the speed limit drops into 40's instead of the 70's like in HeMan West Virginia and sometimes it's hard to remember to drive like you're mentally impaired.  I was working both ends today - my boss had scheduled me for one end without realizing Uniontown had me going to the opposite end and I drove over 200 miles today for 5 visits. Which all led up to me zipping through Perryopolis Pa with a song in my heart and a pig on my tail. The whole thing sucked in a most major way I have to admit, but I'm over it. The pictures today are of Cheat Lake which I took on my way back from no man's land. That lake is in WV so you can swim as fast as you want. I'm hoping to not do too much this weekend, I am a bit peeved that I didn't get to go to Clarksburg this week(AC Moores, The Nest for All Your Knitting Needs) so I'm debating if I would want to get in the car again for another hike. Probably not. Not to mention I already have more yarn than I could possibly use unless I get reincarnated many, many times. Gas is down to 2.89, isn't that funny I think that's cheap?

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