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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Don't Mind If I Do

I guess you're never too old to be a bad cat. This would also be why I've learned not to leave glasses of water around, not that Mr. Lee does this when you're not looking. She doesn't give a rat's ass if you see her or not, she's too old to yell at and knows it. My leg is better this morning, I spent most of the weekend alternating heat and ice and it's bearable. David will be back tomorrow afternoon - after all that with the trial they settled out of court the day before they were scheduled to start so he never had to go testify. Oh well, he got a free trip home and has been busy visiting everyone. Ray came down for the weekend so they're having dinner at Fellingham's every night and driving around. I'm making Jackson take a Becky Break, her familly has got to be tired of seeing him by now. He also wants to buy a suit as he'll be taking Becky to the Homecoming Dance next month. He has gotten strange, I offered to let him play hookey on Friday AND HE REFUSED. I should probably go look for his pod. I'm off to church today and then Jackson and I are cleaning his room this afternoon, mainly the floor which needs to be mopped badly. I'm also messing with the pool, David winterized it but we never got around to covering it so it's Ger-reen again. The problem with the pool is we are indeed being a bit cheap, there's no point in covering it because we're replacing the liner in the spring and plan on buying a cover then. But on the other side I dont' want  a return of the Black Lagoon so maybe we'll just buy a cheap tarp and a few gallons of Clorox.

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