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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy Belated Fall!

The leaves have already started turning, it's hard to tell in these pictures but there are more and more colors appearing daily. David had a good flight and is hanging out on LI for the week, the trial has been moved to Thursday due to the Not Til Proven Guilty party dragging thier feet and delaying stuff. Things here are a  bit hairy with David not here, I'm doing a huge amount of zipping around trying to stay ahead. Today was my day "off", haha. I spend most of my free time doing three things - homework,paperwork and housework. Jackson's probably going to meet his maker this week as he's no help at all - his excuse for not doing the dishes the other night was he had to look for the cat. I pointed out that I found it hard to believe that from 5;45pm until 9:30pm he had been searching for the cat determined to bring her white fuzzy self in no matter what. So he found himself doing the dishes at 9:35pm. No one is behaving actually, the cats pester me to go out in the morning so I'm fighting them as I'm trying to pack the car. I have a patient near here so I ran home the other day to let the dogs out. I put them out and then ran upstairs to do a few things myself and came back - they were standing on the porch waiting for me to come out so they could do thier business, sigh. Saying they're as dumb as sticks would be insulting to sticks. The uniontown office wanted to know if I could work Wednesday, my day off. Hmm. Let me think about that. No.

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