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Saturday, September 3, 2005

My Dream House

Wouldn't  you love to live here? Talk about location,location,location - it's attached to the Chocolate Factory (out in Perryopolis,Pa) - a place I don't dare go into. Speaking of houses, yesterday was the closing of the Pa house - I haven't said too much about it because we've been through this too many times since March - 5 times to be exact. David's been on the phone constantly for the past two weeks, we were supposed to close a couple of weeks ago, but then the buyers didn't have the title search done and oops, did they forget to get a mortgage commitment....people just amaze me. I'm still peeved, I was going to register to start a college course but when they filed for an extension I threw it all in the trash - if they'd backed out we would've really been up the creek financially and now it's too late to sign up. I've been doing a ton of driving lately, I've been working both ends. I would enjoy it a great deal more if the gas wasn't so expensive, it cost me $34 to fill up my little CRV yesterday much to my shock. It's now up to 3.19 as of yesterday - someone pulled in behind me in a big SUV, I was glad I wasn't them! I went to Jiffy Lube the other day to get my oil changed and my transmission oil done and the manager came out to ask why my tires were at 60. I said 60? He said very sternly they should be 29. I said 29? He said Yes, 29, why are they at 60? I said 60? 60 what?? He said 60 pounds. I said 60 pounds of what? Apparently my tires are only supposed to have 29 pounds of air even though you can inflate them way past that.  So I now have 29.Jackson's been doing well, he likes the school he's in and is making new friends along with the old ones he had from South Middle. David's starting to close up the pool and is getting ready to dig for the new water main. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so maybe we can get some yardsaling in!

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