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Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm In The Mood For Mud......

I took a picture of the road yesterday to give an idea of where my patients are. Today it didn't look like that because it rained, which in turned slicked up the iron-rich clay and turned everything a nice shade of muddy orange. (are you wondering where I'm going with this?). This morning I was making good time and went out to my 1st patient who lives as you can see, fairly deep in the country. I got done early and off to my next job 30 miles away when my car started bobbling. My stomach dropped when I looked in my mirror to see my tire getting that ruffled look and I pulled over right away- it was as flat as a pancake and the Fix-a-Flat did not. I pulled out my cell phone - no service. My patient's house was 8 miles back, a tiny town 15 miles in the other direction and no other houses. I heard barking  and saw up on the steep hill was a dilapidated trailer with a dog tied to it so I started up the hill only to go sliding back down. I didn't see a car so I figured no one was there but as I started to walk down the road a woman came out and yelled down if I needed help. I hollered back up about my flat and asked if  I could borrow her phone. She not only said I could borrow the phone, but said I could borrow her son!! who came straight down and changed my flat for me!When I went up to use the phone the dog was so excited to see me he jumped all over - did I mention anything about the mud?? I called the office and got the afternoon off but said I would do the other job in Pa as it was on my way home. I wish I'd taken a look at myself before I said THAT because I was splattered from one end to the other and my shoes were caked. I gave the son $30 for changing my tire, he didn't want anything but if he hadn't been there I would've been looking at a 3 hour walk. At least. At the next patient I took my shoes off outside and washed up as best I could, my day continued on it's cosmic path because thier dog stole my shoe. Sigh. The only happy thing about that was it cracked up my little pedie guy who sometimes doesn't have too much to laugh about. His Grandpa found my shoe, so I dropped off the labs, dropped off my flat tire, made an appointment for tomorrow and went home to put my leg up as I strained a muscle in my shin flailing around in the mud. My mother in law said I should buy some mace, which made me laugh - given the way my life runs if I ran into some loony I'd probably accidently mace myself and endup spending the rest of my life chained up in the root cellar eating moldly turnips and wearing his dead mother's housedresses. So, how was YOUR day?

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