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Monday, September 5, 2005

Dave, A Man Outstanding In His Field....

I think we're going to have to up David's life insurance. He started mowing the 2nd field behind the barn today, the picture of the coke can is actually what he threw down to mark where the yellow jacket nest is. Sigh. So he started on the other side with the infamous Gravelly and once again felt the familar bouncing on the back of his legs. A paper-wasp nest was caught under the mower and was being dragged across the field, it's a good thing David is quick like a bunny, isn't it? They aren't stinging us though as you can see from the pictures, they were too busy being upset about it being Moving Day and no one telling them. I told David enough!! for today. I had to work for half a day today, but my 3rd patient wasn't home so the day went a little quicker than anticipated. Jackson is over Becky's of course and I'm not doing too much. The weather is just beautiful, I hope it stays like this at least for a little while. And the last picture? We found that wheelchair, a pair of crutches and some BONES in the woods, whoooooooo

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