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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nice Kitty!

Jackson and Claw continue to have thier stormy relationship, I think she'll bite him with her last dying breath. We took Jackson and Becky to the mall today after school to buy Jackson a suit for the Homecoming Dance, the latest Big Deal. Becky came along because her dress is black and red and Jackson needs to be appropriately co-ordinated. We went to JC Penny's since they were having a pretend sale, then to Sears who was competing with thier pretend sale and then off to Ellen Beerman's where they were having a real sale. We got Jackson the same suit we'd seen in JC Penny's for almost half of thier "half price". Then we ate at the food court and back home. I've been all over today since we went to AC Moore's and the other knitting store - that's enough of that for awhile since I can't cram anymore yarn in that dresser and have started piling it underneath. Copper had a big yucky spot on his butt that he managed to infect so I've spent the past few days scrubbing it down with peroxide and putting bacitracin on it. Unlike Charger the Licker Copper leaves things alone and it seems to be healing. The tempeture dropped today and it felt like fall for the first time. Maybe we'll get the winter stuff out of the attic this weekend but David is dragging his feet about that as we all know how he feels about S-N-O-W

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