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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Strangers In The Night

I know! I know! But who can resist a frog on your porch? And last night he brought a friend! So now we have two frog visitors. Charger has not made any attempt to give them a bite, so perhaps he's redeemed his toad-snacking ways. Vincent is almost glue free from last week's adventure and David is de-poofed from his adventures so things are a little better.The weather has gotten most excellent  - still summer-y warm, but with a bit of fall chill in the air, I love this time of year. The sky around here is nothing short of amazing ,I have no idea why though. It's beyond blue and bigger than life - I've deleted a million pictures because everyday it's another spectacular view. David and I went to the church picnic, I got to be Miss Popular - not because I'm that interesting, but because I was packing a Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake from Sam's club - you could be a drooling troll and be popular if you have one of those. I also packed extra plates which turned out to be a good thing because no one else had packed any at all. I've got to work tomorrow which stinks, I've got a couple of patients that have to be seen on Monday so I volunteered and to see one more -then they called yesterday to see if I wanted to open a case 45 miles away! I told them I was already doing 3 patients and she said well, since you're working that day anyhow..... the one thing I really despise about my job is no matter how much you do they always want more.

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