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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's Almost Autumn!!

The Wicker Squirrel is already for fall - he does like to be dressed in the correct fashion. As I drive along I can already see some of the trees starting to turn colors, just an isolated tree here and there for now. I've been pretty busy, I feel like I spend all my days off either catching up with paperwork or doing homework, the two sometimes feel like one and the same. I've also been getting some more cancer pedies so that means more time spent on the computer and phone trying to find out if you can have a banana without the skin on a neutropenic diet or not and other questions no one seems to know the answer to. Not to mention the other home care things I need to do and know - we get patients all over the map physically and geographically so even when I'm not at work physically, I'm preparing for it constantly. Jackson is getting more involved with school and is doing really well - his weight is up to 165 lbs and he has been occasionally (gasp!!)  spotted wearing other  colors than Festive Funeral Black. He owns two blue and one green t-shirt and one multi-colored AND has been seen wearing BLUE jeans. The last two pictures are of an enourmous cement bible that I spotted tucked behind a tractor dealership. I'm not partial to bibles but I do like oversized stuff so I sort of want this for my very own. I guess I'd better get moving, my day "off" is quickly moving along.

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