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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The Thrill Of The Hunt

Vincent has been mixing it up with Mr. Lee for the past couple of days, but in his defense, she started it. Actually they play all the time, hiding and jumping out at each other, chasing each other around the house. Vincent was shut up in the house for Halloween as was Claw so he was a bit put out to say the least. We've always kept the cats in for Halloween as you never know and I would feel terrible if anything happened to any of them. We only had 5 trick or treaters - none of whom was the cookie girl who is obviously not dumb enough to go to the people she ripped off. Jackson went over Becky's house and handed out candy all afternoon, she lives in a populated area so they get more trick or treater than we do. David's new business of small jobs seems to be going pretty good, he started at one house and while there, was hired by the neighbor across the road. So he's going to keep at it and keep the ad in the paper for awhile longer.

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