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Friday, November 24, 2006

Did We All Have A Good Time?

As in tradition we made way too much food, ate way too much food and will continue eating leftovers until we never want to see them again. Even though there was just three of us we did the whole sha-bang - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, whipped sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, glazed carrots and gravy for David to drown it all. And last but not least the Cranberry Sauce, the kind that slides out of the can and maintains the can shape to the very end. Jackson had made some tiny noise about going over to Becky's but that didn't fly as it would've killed off a full third of the guest list. I also made him drink a little red wine even though he was announcing he only likes white and then we toasted to bad the event you're wondering Jackson is allowed a little wine with company if he wants it and he usually passes. David built the first fire of the year which was nice but he had to let it die down in the afternoon as the sun came out and then the temps went up. I took Pearl for a 7 mile hike first thing in the morning (and yes we really did walk that much, the trail we use has markers) but she was still very excited by the whole turkey thing. Charger took it in stride and horsed down as much turkey as he could get quietly so Miss Thing wouldn't horn in on his action. So it was a pretty nice day for us. I have to go to work today, I hate holidays in the middle of the week because being off makes it feel like Friday and then going to work the next day is an unpleasant surprise. I'm on call this weekend and hope it doesn't get too hairy....

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