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Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Weekend Visitor

Unfortunately the weather decided to be rather icky, it rained (in sheets at times!) pretty much all day Saturday and then today was cold, grey and drizzled all day. So yesterday we took Janet shopping and out to dinner, avoiding town as the Big Game was being played and it was it's usual mayhem. Pearl was the Hostess Dog making sure Janet was  quite often greeted. She was greeted upon waking, after all trips to the bathroom, coming and going, getting a soda and of course just a few random Commando Style greetings. Janet suggested we start yelling "Incoming" when she started launching herself just to alert the guest. Janet also wisely stored all of her belongings in the closet and kept her door shut - she always was a fast learner. We had dinner at Garfield's - we went early due to the game and when we left around 6 pm there was big line. Janet left around noon today and will hopefully be home in time for dinner. In other news - I finished the blanket!! Never saw that one coming did you? It seems like I've been working on it forever and just a little while ago I put in the last binding stitch. And then threw it in the washer - it's been dragged around for a few months and even had a little mud on it so it needed a wash. How nerve wracking is that let me tell you - after all that time and effort I had visions of it unraveling in the washer and my opening it to a tub full of knots and string. So I shortened the wash cycle to ONE MINUTE while I listened for loose yarn noises and then yanked out a whole blanket thank goodness that's over. Now it's busy flopping around the dryer, since it's a baby blanket one of the requirments is it needs to be washable - there's nothing more useless than baby items knit in hand spun wool whatever, unless of course the baby is banned from touching it.

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