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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No Cats On The Table!

That's what I say when we have company and then I act surprised when they are prancing about on it - I pretend they never ever do that and I just can't believe it! Works for me. Anyhoo, we are eating IN for Thanksgiving this year, can you believe it?? David finally rebelled after all these years of chinese and japanese food (that's what's open on the holidays). When I mentioned which restaurant I wanted to go to he was like AARRGGHH!! and then had a little turkey related meltdown in which he declared he did NOT want a Thanksgiving dinner that involved soy sauce. So we went thanksgiving dinner food shopping where he indulged in all of his Fowl Fantasies - carrot glaze, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and CoolWhip. He was like a Holiday Whore getting two of everything and shopping like best of them. So we have too much food - of course - and he has his turkey defrosting in the oven. Charger is looking foward to it - he's doing so much better now that we have him on pain medication - who would've thought? He takes one in the morning ( we were giving him one at night too but it made him too sleepy) and he's good for the day. He's back to chasing any stick you toss and romping around the yard. He also secretly goes on Deer Poop Eating Missions at night when he thinks I don't know what he's doing, we just give him a biscuit to decrease the "bouquet" and ignore him as best we can

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