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Thursday, November 16, 2006


David's mother has decided not to come after all, he called her the other day and told her it was alright so to please stop picking fights with everyone (she'll say she's coming and then start a big fight and then announce she cannot possibly get in a car with that person). But the rest of the crew is on thier way as of 4 am - David said Grace seems to think they will be here by noon. Haha. I still have to work but I made up dinner ahead of time so David just has to throw the whole mess in the oven and we're set. We got a second bed for the second guest room so Jackson and Vincent can stay put (Vincent has decided he and Jackson are roommates). I took Charger to the vet yesterday, he was his usual self - he positions himself in front of all doors so someone will let him get back in the car. Dr. Kenny said he's got severe arthritis and that's probably why he can't go more than a few feet at a time because of the pain. She sat on the floor  to examine all of his tumors and Charger plopped his butt right in her lap as he assumed he was getting a back rub and a hug which he did get. While waiting for the blood tests Charger amused himself by sticking his nose in the crack of the door and snorting as loudly as possible the entire time. We are doing nothing for the tumors - aside from his age even if we did decide to have them biopsied or removed there's very little chance he would even survive the ansethisia. So he's on pain medication for now, she ran liver enzyme tests to start but that will be it - right now the goal is to simply keep him comfortable. I've got to work today and was going to ask for some personal time tomorrow but there's an infusion to be done tomorrow and no one else to do it so I didn't ask - Tammy's been very good about any time I've ever needed so I try not to make it hard for her.

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