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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Fender Did Not Bender......

......but that didn't keep the yahoos in the car from hollering neck pain when I rear ended them .I got caught in stop and go traffic last night on the way home and unfortunately I Goed when I should've Stopped. I braked as hard as I could but bumped the car in front of me. I got out to make sure everyone was alright and the woman driving announced she was alright but her passenger was not. I called 911 right away for an ambulance and cop (they also sent a firetruck for some strange reason) - I was pretty shaken up. I had my head lights on her bumper and after I calmed down realized there wasn't even a dent, I couldn't have been going anymore than 15 miles an hour or so BEFORE I hit the brakes. The ambulance got there and both women refused EMS, then the fire truck came with about 4 or 5 firefighters (it's a small town). Then the two cops arrived and took all the information. They all stood around and gossiped for a few minutes with the EMS and then the ambulance and firetruck left.  The cop told me he had to include the injury on the report because they were both now complaining of neck pain, although he said since there was no visable damage he thought that was a crock. I didn't even get cited as there was no damage but I'm sure they'll get something. Everyone David has talked to sighs and says they will - even the insurance company wasn't surprised! And OF COURSE my camera was home sitting by the computer which is why there are only pictures of a fallen house which is pretty cool, isn't it? I had a bit of problem getting to it as it sits on the side of a highway with high steep ground. Getting up to it was less of a problem than leaving as it was steep downhill  so I had to be careful not to flop on the road on the way down.  I love these old falling down dilapidated houses, they're so interesting. I'm hoping to get out walking today - the temps are already warm (it's supposed to be up the 60's today) but it's also sort of cloudy and wet looking so Pearl-ine and I may be hanging out on the couch today

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