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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jealousy Will Get You Nowhere

This is NOT my house, my house is a bleak, undecorated barren desert of despair. David has been asked repeatedly to get the decorations down - the attic door sticks something awful and I can just about dangle off the pull cord to no avail - and he has been doing the passive-aggressive thing. Saying he will get them down and then just simply not doing it. So Christmas is still in my attic even though both Halloween AND Thanksgiving have passed. The house in the picture is one on our road and I just about vomit with envy everytime I pass it - all we have for decoration is three stupid pumpkins which I threw in the woodpile yesterday in an effort to get Scrooge off his butt and up in the attic. In other news Adam has written and let us know he is most likely going to get leave after Christmas - but they're only allowing from Dec 30th to the 11th which is not enough time to do everything he wants. Right now the tentative game plan is him landing in Philly so he can see Aunt Janet and Aunt Diane and then here to WV for the rest of the time. We've been jiggering around with it, but I think in the end landing in NY and then attempting a 10 hour drive followed by a flight back to Japan might be too much. And we really want him to see our house and his old pets, especially Mr. Lee. But most of all I just want to see him.


midwestvintage said...

 Love your neighbors lights, LOL  I also have a baren yard.  Can't get the old guy into it and I think it is man thing.  He thinks its an expensive thing.  Show a picture of your attic door, sad thing and maybe hang it around your husbands neck, LOL


monponsett said...

Your hub must be the one who pays the power bill.

ernhrtfanalwys3 said...

Holy cow! That's a little tooooo much in the christmas lights department.