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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Is It Spring Already?

The weather this weekend has been amazing. And no one is visiting of course to see it. The sun is sunny and the temps yesterday were in the 60's with a warm breeze. I had one job to go to and then the dogs and I kicked back in the yard and relaxed. Charger has been back to stick chasing but we try not to over do it. Pearl of course over does everything without even thinking about it. We only went out to the grocery store for a bit and came back to a big mess, courtesy of Pearl The Destroyer. All the books say we need to be consistent with her, but I have to say she is NOT consistent with us. She doesn't always tear up the house, most of the time lately we come back to a good dog, but every once in awhile she goes crazy. We heard from Adam the day after Thanksgiving, he spent it with a friend of his - his ship is back by the way so playtime is over for him. He doesn't think he can come back for the holidays again this year, but we're used to that. I was kind of hoping he'd be able to though, it's been two years since we've seen him and I miss him a great deal. We have to start getting the decorations for Christmas down, our neighbors are way ahead of us - some even decorated the day after Halloween which I find a bit unsettling as the other neighbors still had jack-o-lanterns and witches out. I like one holiday at a time.

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