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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just Shoot Me

My boss gave me most of the day off today - it's my half day but I have David's family coming tomorrow night and Charger is pretty bad off today. So I only have to see one patient and then can use a few hours of sick time up - I'm fortunate to have a good boss as Charger has a vet's appt at 10:30 this morning and now I can take him. He's been getting progressively worse over the past couple of weeks, but the past few days he's had a rapid decline. We're hoping it's just muscular or something but last night when I touched his back to get him up to go out - he just started lurching around and screaming, it was awful. Touching him made it worse. We let him be for a few minutes and I gave him some dog pain medication I had from the last incident and this morning he's not great, but better. So we will see. In the meantime I have to cook, clean, do wash, shop, set up a guest room, etc....Thing have been overwhelming at times - work has been stressful as we have new people and I've had to do alot of things I normally don't do. But our census is down this week so it's given the whole office time to catch up and get things done. I also got on the computer and revamped one of our systems for the forms so that instead of typing the same thing over and over again we can just cut and paste it. Of course without thinking I set the whole thing up on my computer, not the one that needed it. But one of my co-workers suggested I email it to the computer and cut and paste it so it all worked out. But I have to admit I've been enjoying myself, it's fun to do other things and more fun when it's not really your job and you get to be a Helper Bee.

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