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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

How Many Days Until Christmas?

We got a total of 4 trick or treaters, 2 little ones and a somewhat drunken teenager and his rather mortified girlfriend but that was it. I put Pearl in Jackson's room but Charger got to stay out and "protect" me - poor old boy. He was growling a bit but looking off to the right of everyone, his vision is pretty poor and I think he gets upset because he can't really tell where - or who - anyone is. He has aged rapidly over the summer, now when we play fetch I wait til he's a respectable distance from me and toss the stick about 4 feet in front of him. We pretty much let him do what he wants these days and he gets his peanut butter dog cookies a few times a week. Work has been interesting lately, I find if you have anymore than two people in an office there's going to be trouble brewing somewhere! I like to sit back and watch it play out. David has gone back to his real customers - the nice ones and I guess he'll deal with the weasel girl when he gets to it. I've been walking more lately - yesterday the weather was very warm - in the 70's which I think is just odd this time of year. I don't enjoy it but it seems to be cooling back down again.

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