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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Screaming MeeMees

Sigh, David is STILL tangling with Maureen - if you recall from the 31st he was starting to wrangle with her and we got that charming phone call around 11 pm -

Well, it goes on. Last week she said to come today at 3 pm. Jackson was off from school so David took him too just to be there. Maureen answered the door at 3 pm and announced it was her daughter's birthday. Hmm. David said he just had to put on one door knob and he was done. She then said she had to take a shower. He said it would only take 5 minutes and then she said no good, come back tomorrow. So he went home and called her and she announced that she had expected him to wait for her to CALL at some point on Tuesday and then come over - David pointed out she had said to come on Tuesday at 3 and then told her enough. He also informed her he was charging her for all the visits he's made - and then she started screaming into the phone for him to SHUT UP and he didn't LISTEN - David said he laid the phone down on the coffee table. He and Jackson sat and listened to this woman shrieking for about 5 minutes before she realized there was no one on the other end and then she hung up. So we will be taking her to court. I'm sure we've all been entertaining fantasies of kicking out her windows, keying her car - seeking revenge. But we will be letting the courts handle it - I'm sure we'll never see a dime of the money she owes and I'm beginning to wonder if maybe she has it at all, but it's gotten to the point it's simply not worth the stress of trying to collect it. But I still hope she catches it right in the teeth.

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