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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Walking On The Chain Gang

We took the advice of strangers - well, I did,Pearl would've preferred not to - and invested in a choker collar. We had great sucess with it, apparently having consequences to one's behavior improves it. Pearl did make some half hearted leaps but not like the other day. Yesterday was fairly overcast, but warm so we walked for about two hours. I was going to go home to clean the house, but it was so nice out and this time of year is precarious - the weather could change at any time so I took advantage. My paitent population is down this week so I'm getting stuff done in the office and like the weather that could also change at anytime so I'm taking advantage of that also. My sister is coming down for the weekend and then the week after David's relatives are coming. And no we haven't heard anything further from the loony person that owes David money, he's decided he's just going to go down to the courthouse in the next week or two, file for a hearing and let it go. I actually have all sorts of things I should be doing, cleaning, sorting, yada yada - unfortunately none of that holds much interest for me. Walking the dog and hiking, playing fetch, shopping - now that's interesting. That doesn't get much done around the house does it?

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mosie1944 said...

Great pictures!  A choke-chain does absolutely nothing for Sadie; she just pulls and coughs and chokes, and keeps on pulling.  The  halti works, and so does the good-dog collar to some extent.  But with the latter, it only works if you take off her regular collar, which leaves her with no identification if she runs off and gets lost.  So, I usually put the halti on her for any extended walks.