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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bah. Humbug

I was supposed to have a half day on Thursday due to all the extra work I did last week but ended up cancelling it as there is too much going on at work and sometimes, even if you don't want to, you have to be the grown-up. I got home today a bit late with a screaming headache and rolling stomach - no, I'm not sick. A lot of people around here have propane heaters that are set in the wall and old fireplaces. They're very economical because you can heat the rooms you are in, but the rooms you are in tend to be overheated and there is something about them that give me a headache especially if I'm doing a long infusion. So I got home and was a big Crankypants with David who ran back outside to continue clearing the two acres down below with Pearl in tow. Apparently some people prefer a Brush Hog to a House Crab. Anywhoo, I got the rest of christmas gifts wrapped and ready to be mailed tomorrow and now we just have to shop for each other. David got our tree today too, on my way home I saw that at Southern Supplies they had all the trees for $10 apiece - and NICE trees to boot!! So he was happy and excited, no matter what happens over the holidays the thing that makes Christmas for David is a cheap tree, go figure.

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