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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is It Indian Summer Again?

So, we had one week of cold weather complete with a bit of snow and now we are back to the springlike temps. It's actually that weird temp that it's too cold for a sweater and too warm for a coat so you spend all day removing and adding clothes, never quite comfortable in whatever it is you have on. I've heard from Adam who is still planning on coming home so I guess I'll start arranging things on my end. I'm trying to keep it level since the last two times he was supposed to come it got cancelled. I was looking at the pictures we took, how different everything is now! David and I managed to get half a day of Christmas shopping in yesterday, I'll finish up on Friday and then spend the weekend packing it up. With the warm weather it's hard to get into the spirit of things and of course David has that stinking tradition of putting the tree up on Christmas Eve which I have changed a bit over the years but not much. I HATE THAT - like you don't have enough to do on Christmas Eve and then the person who swears it's his family's tradition refuses to help since apparently his MOTHER traditionally did the whole thing while the rest of them sat on thier butts and watched. This would be how the tree thing got moved a week up since I told him if it was his tradition to knock himself out decorating. La la. And to add to the mix we now have two potential tree-wreckers to keep an eye on - Pearl of course and Vincent who considers it his playground. I'm on call this weekend which is alright - at least it's only every 3 weeks

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mosie1944 said...

You pretty much described my weather!  A week ago I was playing in the snow; yesterday I was riding my horse in the sunshine.