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Saturday, December 30, 2006

We Are All Assembled

Ray arrived yesterday afternoon, amidst the sunshine and blue skies. David kept telling me he wouldn't come - he never does in winter, but I knew he would and kept yelling invites everytime he called. And here he is! The tempetures predicted for the rest of the week are in the 50's and yesterday I'm sure it was closer to 60. So he arrived around 3pm - I made a pot of coffee and then we went out to Applebee's for dinner. We picked Jackson up afterwards and hit Books A Million - I bought a new knitting book called "Naughty Needles" and it's really got some hilarious patterns - if anyone needs me to knit them some bondage equipment let me know because I have the Power. Anyhoo, David,Ray and Jackson will be heading up to Pittsburgh tonight to get Adam, I'll be home watching Pearl The Girl and being there Just In Case. Adam called last night from the airport around 1 am to let us know he was there and getting ready to board the plane, but I think he was just as excited as we are and wanted to yack with Jackson, The Boy Who Never Sleeps. I'm off from work for  almost two whole weeks, I had a half day yesterday and it just seemed to drag on forever - but the day before vacation is the longest day of the year, isn't it? I actually have to stop in and drop off paper work on Tuesday and the baby scale but I'll bring Pearl in to wreak havoc in the office which is always fun. She loves the office and slings around the desks. The last time she went in I was helping the boss look for some papers - I looked while Tammy blocked Pearl from creating more lost paper work.  We're going walking today, I'm trying not to regain all that I lost, but with the holidays, Ray, Jackson's birthday, Adam coming home and of course heading off to sunny Pennsylvania Where All Your Dreams Come True, it's going to be a rough road!

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