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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Eek! How Many More Days??

David finally put up some Christmas lights outside yesterday so we can participate a bit in the nightly lightshow. We cannot compete with our neighbor who at this point has an entire snow people family, full size nativity (with a 5 foot cross), reindeer, sleigh, santas, and has outlined his entire house and yard in lights. It's fun to look at but I'm glad I'm not the one who will be taking that all down. David and I are going shopping today and will hopefully get everything off by this weekend. I haven't heard from Adam whether he'll be coming home or not for sure which is driving me crazy as I do NOT want to take the rest of my vacation in the beginning of January if he's not coming home, that would suck. David has still not been paid by that woman - he's sent her a couple of bills by registered mail so he has gone to plan B. He called a lawyer he'd done work for and asked if he could write a letter to Maureen (someone had told him they do that for a nominal fee). The lawyer replied he would be more than happy to - he had a few small jobs around his house and if David would do them he would not only write the letter, but go to court with David and get his money. It's a pretty good trade - David is kind of between a rock and a hard place because if he takes her to small claims court she can drag this out and he can end up losing more money. So he's happy with bartering services. Charger has been improving weekly with his medications, he can now get up on the bed in the morning and sit with everyone which he hasn't done for months and go outside for hours with David while he clears the lot and not suffer for it later. We are very happy about that! It's amazing what pain relief can do, isn't it?

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