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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone - I hope Santa brings you what you asked for. I know he will bringing me what I asked for as I picked it out and handed it to him myself. On Friday I was out and about past Holbrook and realized I was only about 3 miles from Hixie's General Store out in New Freeport. At Hixies you can get: automotive and plumbing supplies, hunting and fishing equipment plus any license, carry out pizza, souveniers, gift items, groceries, gas, all in the middle of nowhere. It's way bigger than it looks, it appears over the years it's been added to so it kind of rambles around, one section leading into another. I did indeed get a souvenier which is what I was after,  a little cedar box with an indian on it, tastefully done of course. We are still working on Christmas shopping, we're going out today to finish up and will be eating dinner out, but staying in for Christmas. Very few restaurants are open and the pickings are slim so we've opted to make our own. The weather continues to refuse to co-operate, staying up in the 50's and raining, but it does that every year, doesn't it? We all get this picture postcard of a snow covered holiday, but honestly, how often does that happen? In reality most holidays are soggy grey affairs with the occasional ice storm or oddly warm weather. Jackson is enjoying his vacation, cheerfully counting his chickens before they're hatched as he tends to get alot of cash. Some of it will be deposited in his CD which matures on the 18th, but he knows this and doesn't object. Over the years I've taken the excess and deposited in a little account so just from extra birthday and Christmas money he'll have over a thousand dollars when he turns 18. I did the same with Adam who prompty blew the entire amount in a few months, but at that age I would've done the same thing.

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