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Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's Me Again!

Yes, I know I already posted, but there's so much going on! I took Pearl walking this morning at the river and we did the usual barking, growling, etc.. thing. I cut the walk short, we got a late start and that meant more peopleon the trail. I was going to go home but decided to try walking her in town. What a surprise, no aggression at all, quite the opposite - she went up to people, everyone that stopped got a vizsla hug. So later I went in a dog chat room trying to figure out what the difference is to her - it's very sad that I will never learn to stay away from Dog Chat. Instead of any insight I got an earful from the Head Loony who told me I should put her to sleep and then got called a dumbass for disagreeing. I was told my dog was unstable and would grow worse in time. I found it amusing that someone who was a self proclaimed "trainer" would be so rude, but I have a funny feeling the only dogs this person has ever trained is her own. I told Pearline I would have to have her unstable self put down but she didn't seem too concerned so I just left it at that. We took Ray into town today and we just walked around and browsed a bit, then went to the Beanery for a long lunch which he very much enjoyed. After we went to Barnes and Nobles, the grocery store and then home. David is laying down now and Ray's taking a shower as they'll be leaving around 8 to go get Adam from the airport. We are getting so excited! Tomorrow we're planning on dinner and a movie and then home for the New Year, what a great way to start it, with both Adam and Ray here!

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