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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Damage Control

I have first of all removed the christmas CD from my car that contains the song "Percy The Christmas Poinsetta" as the second I hear it, it gets stuck in my head for weeks. It contains  poetic verses such as "even a plant with no uncle or aunt shouldn't spend Christmas Eve by himself". I have no clue as to how that song exists or the fact that anyone would owe up to writing it. I'm showing the pictures I sent to the adjuster the other day of the "damage" to my car - the only thing that happened as far as I can see is I'm missing a deer whistle. How anyone could sustain injury is beyond me and I've come to the conclusion that my car is sort of like one that people refer to as a "chick magnet". Except mine is an "Asshole magnet" and as you can see, I am still wracked about it. We've been having a quiet weekend, I was watching tv with Jackson last night which I find intriguing as  his viewing choices are sort of erratic. First we watched Histories Mysteries! and learned all sorts of ancient mummy facts. Then we saw an hour of the Exhibits Of The Smithsonian including a history of the benefactor. This was followed by the highbrow movie "Conan The Barbarian" featuring Arnold in his heyday. I wanted to see "Mean Girls" and Jackson quickly claimed he'd seen it already - I said Really? YOU sat and watched Mean Girls? That would be when I discovered Jackson will claim to have seen something in order not to - pretty slick.

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plittle said...

Never hoid of it. Still, I think there's a worse one...