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Friday, December 1, 2006

Pearl As An Artform

David must've read my blog and the decorations are down from the attic. Of course the tempeture has gone up again so it will most likely be yet another balmy day. This does not do too much for the Christmas spirit, does it? I finally took the CD out and replaced it - it's hard to get into Jingle Bells when you're wearing sunglasses and the windows are rolled down. Work has gotten quite busy, I'm starting to transistion into the office but am currently wearing two hats which makes things a bit difficult. Today I don't have to start until 11 so Pearl and I will be down by the river being our usual menacing selves. I'm not oncall this weekend and am planning on doing not too much beside cleaning out my car and swamping out the bathrooms. Charger is doing very well these days, since we started him on the rimydyl he's been pretty much painfree - he hasn't yipped or done that awful screaming in a couple of weeks and we've noticed he gets up much easier. I've got to get started on holiday shopping, I think everyone will be getting gift certficates this year - as I get older I think I prefer them myself because you can get twice as much in after holiday shopping sales.

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