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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Still In The Woods

I got a call from the insurance company today - sigh. I figured since I hadn't  heard anything for the past week  and there was no damage to either car I was out of the woods but alas, that is not so. They just hadn't gotten the paperwork yet. She hasn't talked to the two women in the car I bumped but said when she called one she got the husband who said he'd give her the message when she got "back from therapy"  and had a laundry list so the adjuster said her gut reaction is they will be making claims. I am just disgusted with these people, I really didn't bump them that hard, but I guess a free hand out is a free hand out. It's upsetting that every little accident around here ends like this - David and I have never claimed for something that didn't happen so I guess we expect the rest of the world to be honest. On the upside my wrist is finally feeling better and I'm leaving the splint off for  now. Maybe I should sue Pearl. We still haven't gotten the house decorated, maybe this weekend. The temps are back up in the 50's but are expected to drop down and then possible snow for the weekend. We're having the usual shinanigans going on in the office, I could use a break from that too.

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