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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Deep Freeze

The weather around here is killing me - we broke the record on the weekend with a high of 74 degrees. Then that cold wind blew in and we are stuck in the 20's. I went walking early yesterday and will need to dress better - the trail on the river is very cold. This morning the wind is howling so there will be no walking this morning. I do have a treadmill but have been unable to convince David to install SOMETHING - he doesn't seem to get it's a bit boring to walk on a treadmill in a dark corner of the basement facing the sump pump. Gold's Gym it is NOT. My wrist continues to hurt but is less swollen. I had them give me a velcro splint so I could get it on and off easily for my work but the movement I have to do for infusions is aggrevating it. Yesterday after starting the infusion I borrowed the ice pack from the medication which made the patient laugh as she felt the nurse was in worse shape than she was. I've shown my wrist to Pearl The Ungrateful who doesn't feel she should be made to feel guilty about it. Jackson has been home for the past two days - he's got the flu so he wont be back in school until tomorrow at the earliest. Vincent the cat has been taking great advantage of the situation and not getting out of bed all day - he is such a rat. 

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mosie1944 said...

You gotta love those fast weather changes:  I was riding my horse in the sunshine one day, and sledding with my granddaughters the next.  Oh well, variety is the spice of life.