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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hot Child In The City

The temps are finally strarting to drop down a little - I think we made it into the 50's today -and yes I know! when it gets back into the 20's I'll be grousing about that. I took Jackson shopping today, David was supposed to but he faked sleeping so I ended up taking him after I got back from working. We are running very late this year and are still not done, but we do soldier on, don't we? I was trying to get it done this week but I keep ending up doing extra at work and didn't get a thing done. Shopping was crowded but not overly bad - they actually hire enough help around here to get you in and out, unlike LI. I think it might be because the competition is a bit steeper here and people have to drive further (unlike LI where everything is 3 feet apart). We also had to go to Sam's Club for groceries and had a minor crisis when Jackson couldn't find the Cracker Barrel cheese assortment - apparently nations will fall if you can't find that.(yes, we did find it, thank you for your concern.) Then he spent an embarrassing amount of time hanging around the free sample guy for the cheesecake and managed to glom a total of 4 samples off of him. He got his own cheesecake that I'm avoiding like the plague as it has 500 calories a slice and according to the box it has 12. In my world I think there might be 3 slices per cake, 4 if I'm feeling generous. However, that also means in my world there are about 2000 calories per serving. When we got home David was out chopping down trees so we came in to start dinner. The bathroom door was shut and no one remembered shutting it - I hate when you come home and there's something different that you didn't do. I mean the reasonable me KNOWS the dog might have pushed it or something but the unreasonable me (LOOK OUT HE HAS A KNIFE) gave a little squeek when David encountered some resistance before getting it open. Happily enough there was no psycho killer hiding in the loo so we could eat our french toast and sausage in peace.

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