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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After........... never pretty. You've eaten too much, the house is a mess and it's back to work for most of us poor slobs. I wasn't even able to go walking this morning as we're back to rain and wind. Yesterday it poured buckets as I predicted it would (for the record The Crack Weather Team predicted snow flurries, haha), but then it suddenly cleared up and warmed up. So I took the dogs out so they could chase sticks and so forth. We did eat Christmas dinner in as I threatened we would and it was a lot more fun than we thought it would be. We had candles and everything, then we did dessert (cheesecake) in front of the fire downstairs. Now of course I have to get started with Jackson's birthday (the 28th) followed by Adam's arrival (the 30th), but I'll be on vacation after Adam gets here. We're going to Janet's for a weekend, hopefully the weather will hold. David has to rent a hotel room, Adam has booked a flight that arrives at 1:30 am and David is not much for driving around in the dark - I would rather they spend the extra money and be safe. Adam will be arriving home for New Year's Eve, what a great way to start the year!


mosie1944 said...

Pearl likes sticks too?  Sadie LIVES to chase sticks!

quiltsnroses said...

My Duchess (Springer Spaniel) likes to chase sticks too (but will not fetch a ball for anything)!  Yes, the house is a bit of a mess (no where to put things until I reorganize)  and I'm eating a plate of veggies for lunch to make up for the fattening things I ate yesterday and for all the leftovers I will be having for dinner but I am taking the day off to just bask in "Christmas glow".  No shopping, no wrapping, no cooking, no planning, no pressure, no housework.    Priceless!