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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Down On The Farm

Yesterday we finally went out and saw Susan and Roger's farm - it's pretty far (over an hour away) and it's way WAY in the backwoods. The view is spectacular and they have about 150 acres all told, including outbuildings and a pond. They had a couple of benches and the old oak flooring from the funeral home in Mannington they're giving away. David took one bench and is going to measure the back room(the former hot tub room) he's currently working on for the flooring. The whole farm is beautiful, they have a log cabin on it that they're currently rehabbing slowly and at the present, it's used for hunting. We should've brought Pearl, but didn't but they had Buddy with them who was having a grand time bouncing around the place. David will be going back to help them put in a couple of windows upstairs and will get the flooring then. In other news I might have to seek medical attention and Pearl will most likely be doing some time in obedience school. She is still leaping at people when we go walking and yesterday I had the leash wrapped around my wrist and she decided to put a little extra "umph" into her leaping routine. Ouch. Work has been getting increasingly hairier but Susan will be back on Monday and things will go a bit smoother then!

An Update: I did go to the doctor's today and got a nifty black brace for my sprained wrist and a prescripton of naprosyn - I am unable to knit so I'm considering just perhaps lying down and passing away gently into the night. However, since I have to work tomorrow that will not be possible. Damn.


dbaumgartner said...

Thanks for the visit and I'm just checking out your journal and it looks like I've got another one to add to my long list of daily reads.  :-)


mosie1944 said...

My Sadie can pull until she almost pulls my shoulder out of its socket!  If I'm going to walk her far, I put the Halti on her, which makes it impossible for her to pull hard.  She hates it, and digs at it some, but that's just tough!