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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Clouds In My Pool

It finally stopped raining yesterday afternoon - it's been raining off and on for a couple of days. The bad thing is my pool is now all cloudy and it's VERY annoying. The levels are all good so I'm guessing it's the rain water that's doing it. Last night I added some algecide so hopefully that'll help. I've heard from Adam several times in email, he's turning off his phone on Thursday and is getting ready to head out. Although we won't see him for awhile, just his being home will be wonderful. The not so wonderful thing is my Grandfather is in the hospital, I called him last night and he sounds awful. There are times when being so far from home is not a good thing and this is one of them. He said he's had a CT scan but didn't know the results. I'll call again tonight and hopefully he'll be better. Jackson's last day of school is tomorrow, yesterday David went to drop him off at MTech and there was no one there - oops. Jackson forgot he didn't have school til noon. So back home they went until noon and David brought him back to take his final. David just hung around town and had lunch - he said by the time he got home he would've had to turn around and come back. David spent the morning investigating a house in Maine!! of all places, that his latest idea, we'll see. Work was annoying yesterday, I was doing a self infusion teaching at a doctor's office - I got there at 9 am and went through the supplies - the pharmacy had forgotten the tubing - and it was specialized tubing of course. While I was on the phone with the company I asked the receptionist if she could get ahold of the patient as we  couldn't do the infusion without the equipment and she was like, the patient's here already.. And indeed, the patient was right behind me getting thier vitals taken. So everyone went out and played for an hour and a half while pharmacist rushed the tubing down from Pittsburgh - not a big deal, but with me being so pressed for time lately, it certainly didn't help. On the bright side, the part time RN has had a change of heart  and has decided to stay, so that makes it a little easier, but we still have been unable to find a full time RN and this time of year, there's literally no one to hire!

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