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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Living For The Weekend

I ran around like crazy yesterday - I had one faraway visit, one admission and one injection training. I got home right at 5 pm only to be called out AGAIN to go see a patient who lived Not Too Close. On the upside, the patient's husband told me to take Buckeye road home which aside from being a very cool road also shaved about 8 miles off my trip back. I got my pool cover yesterday, I was a bit shocked by the size of the box - I thought it would be much smaller. And I picked it up first thing so I had to rearrange my car and Susan's brother Ronnie loaded it. So on top of all the travelling I had to do I also had to tote along an enormous pool cover to boot. David has the pool covered and it's supposed to keep it warm. Those pictures of the butterfly are from one that I rescued out of the pool. I left it to dry on a fence post and it was gone in the afternoon so I hope it survived - isn't it spectacular? Ray is coming out this weekend FINALLY so I have to get moving on at least rearranging the junk in the house in a pleasing manner. I don't think we'll be doing too much, maybe the movies this time around. Jackson starts summer school today and we'll be trolloping him back and forth until the end of July. I started working with the second skein of yarn and managed to get it all unwound for the most part, the last bit tangled so I think I'll just have to order a couple more skeins and take the hit. The Yarn Hater voted to throw it all out but that is NOT a possibility. He doesn't understand The Code Of Yarn in which you are morally obligated to work with the yarn no matter how bad it gets and if you can't get it untangled then you need to put it in a bag in the closet  because someday you might be able to untangle it. The tangled skein is currently residing on the dining room table and makes me go through the Seven Stages Of Grieving everytime I go into the kitchen. It will lay there until I either untangle it or The Yarn Hater gets to it first and pitches in the trash.

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lizzardweiss said...

Your resqued butterfly looks like a luna moth.

The code of tangled yarn is very similar to the code of tangled embroidery floss, but since floss is cheaper than yarn, the code is less strict.