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Monday, June 4, 2007

In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall

Yes, after two solid weeks of predicting rain, The Crack Weather Team was finally correct yesterday - it DID rain just like they said it would.It took 14 days but By Golly, they are now on the right track and it just goes to show, persistance does payoff.  My persistance also paid off, there was a pair of Timberline sneakers I had my eye on over the holidays, but with a strong genetic background of Pennypinching I just couldn't bring myself to pay $80 for them. David needed a pair of shoes so we stopped at that store first - while he was looking I was browsing around and there were the sneakers - two pair left on CLEARANCE and one pair in my size!! Whoohoo - $19, can you believe it? We're also looking at exercise bicycles, I've been having problems with my right leg and foot and I'm sure it's a repetition injury since I've been spending between 40 minutes and an hour daily on the treadmill. I've cut way back but I need to find an alternate form of aerobic exercise so I figured an exercise bike would be good. Try finding a plain inexpensive exercise bike these days. They're all digital, recumbant, etc and have price tags to match. Usually what we do is looking in the Bulletin for used equipment but with our schedules we just may have to bite the bullet and buy new. Neither of us have time these days to go driving around looking so a new one might be on the horizon, even though it goes against every grain in my body. Jackson is done with school Thursday and is doing the big countdown, one more year folks!

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mosie1944 said...

Those weather teams crack me up!  Here, they're fond of saying, "There's a thirty percent chance of widely scattered showers."

That gives them plenty of room for error.