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Friday, June 1, 2007

It's Friday. Whatever

Work continues to march on, I'm in early again today to finish up some paperwork before heading out for my infusions. Yesterday I finally got my "temporary" crown removed and had the permanent one done - almost an hour and a half in the dentist's chair for that one. The dentist we have here has every high tech gadget you can think of - the xrays are computerized, your files are computerized - they even have a program to design the crown and make it right there - in 17 minutes! Our dentist is very young and enthusiastic with an assistant named Tiff who is equally young and enthusiastic. Given that my appointment was for after work my enthusiasm was a bit  less and the only thing I could get excited about at that point was perhaps dinner and a nap. They were a bit put out that I didn't want to watch my crown being made but life is like that. We continue to hear from Adam and the Big Countdown, we're now into June so his departure is about a week away. We won't see him for awhile but he'll be HERE which is a great deal closer that Japan! Jackson is done with school next week, for a week and then he starts summer school for English 10. He's secretly looking foward to it I think because he's got a couple of friends in the class and it's only a few hours a day. It runs from June 14th to July 27th so that curtails any travel plans but he'll have most of August off.  It looks like rain for the entire weekend which is disappointing as most of my plans centered around the pool but I suppose I can think of something else to do. Jackson wants to see the 3rd pirate movie so perhaps we'll do that.

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