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Thursday, June 7, 2007


I was about to say I'm bored, but I'm really not. I'm just at that funny little place you hit once in awhile - everything is sort of bad, but not getting worse or better, stagnant. I have this constant feeling of - sadness? stress? I think the term used years ago was "meloncholy"  - moping aboutness. Work has become a drudge, I keep plugging along with scary moments of stress - what did I forget or worse, WHO did I forget. I haven't forgotten anyone yet, at least I don't think so. I got bad news about one of patients that I've taken care of since I started, everytime I  talk to the family I start crying, I just can't help it. One of the problems with home care is the chronic patients you see - it's difficult if not impossible  not to become somewhat attached to them and thier families. Everyone is overworked and thumping about - I told my boss I was overwhelmed by work. The next day she suggested to get our hospitalization rate down (and it's not actually OUR rate, it's the other offices that is added with ours) we should see our patients MORE and call them! I think when she saw me wilt she said she didn't mean me specifically, she meant the nurse who's in the office. Sigh, that would be ME when I'm not out seeing patients. It's not her - everyone is just frustrated and crabby. And of course David is waving Maine under my nose all week - you can live near Kim! Swimming! Hiking! Wowee, look at that house! Stress stress and more stress. Jackson is done with school today, at least for the week. He starts back again on the 12th until the end of July. I haven't heard from Adam for a couple of days, I know he turned off his phone so I suppose I'll hear from him when I do.  


connie7280 said...

you need to show David pictures of Maine in winter -- snow, snow , snow - shoveling , snow plowing, ice chopping and they get more winter than we do.  MOM

lizzardweiss said...

Maine is a beautiful place. BUT..... it can be a very isolated place. Richie and I are looking forward to when we can build on our land and move there, but the winters are LONG and spring is replaced by mud season. Also, much of Maine is depressed and work is hard to come by. Besides, if you are happy in WV, why is David so bent on movong? Tell him he can go to Maine if he want to... by himself!

davidwlester said...

As far as moving to Maine I would go on out skirts of a small city Portland or Bangor or agusta.  And I know there is snow the winters are long but there are things I love and so do you, some of the coast victoian towns light houses for me bird hunting a big part of me and also more people that we have some thing in comen with.   In WV a big weekend for us would have been going to a coworkers grandfathers birthday, our high light would consist of waiting for Ray to come out a couple times a year maybe shopping at Sams club maybe me cutting 4 acres of grass and trying to shoot afew clay targets BOY OUR LIFE IS COMPLETE.  Evan in PA Ray came out all the time we looked forward to the weekends great little towns we have pitures everyone laughing and smilling. Work was so so I had just finished working on the house and had been asked to do a hudge project we were there a short time it took time here I ran and add I got a couple of calls.  the house was better not as big the yard was easyer the era was cleaner. Your jobs at hospitals in WV were first one sucked second one was good and now you have been told is not great to work there and the people who you liked have retired move on what ever you never worked in home care there in PA SO except for finding out that home care is your nitch only because hospitals with all our moving around being so understanding in WV wouldn,t hire you  and the pool exsplaine the great place this is.  Sorry this is the real story