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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'll Be Behind The 8 Ball If You Need Me

I got home late the other night - I hate that. I feel like I hit the ground running - David was supposed to be home early but he got hung up at work and me not realizing it went to the grocery store. Pearl was stuck inside til almost 6 PM so when I opened the door she came flying out like she was jet propelled. I really do hate the fact that she's stuck in the house all day while we work so when I'm home - we're outside. Then I had to rescue Vincent from Pearl's unwanted attention, feed the cats, start the laundry, clean the pool, take out the trash, find the mail, etc. etc...I started a new project - it's a shawl, but haven't had time to make much progress. And it's hard! I bought lace weight yarn which is very fine (and easily tangled as stated in previous entries). It's started off on double point needles which is very awkward - even though they're only size 5 they're huge with this yarn. I started it off about 10 times which became frustrating - then I finally laid it on the table and knit it flat. Hopefully I'll get back to it tonight and get it to a larger more handlable size! Work continues on in all it's glory, I'm off to Pittsburgh today for a wound care seminar - at this point work is so busy these seminars do nothing but put me behind the 8 ball for the next week. Arrgh!!

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bookncoffee said...

Well you certainly sound like me when you start talking about being so busy and then feeding the cats, starting the laundry, taking out the trash....blah blah...
I thought I was reading my own journal. LOL.
Good luck with your seminars and thanks for adding me in on the side bar (Southern Home).  I have started using AOL's "My AOL" feeds and have your journal in there so I can come in and say hi!
Take care.