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Monday, June 11, 2007

A Good Night's Sleep

This weekend was busy to say the least, I had one admission on Friday and then two on Saturday so I spent most of the weekend traveling around and doing paperwork. I ended up missing yoga on Saturday, the first admission was much further than I had thought it would be and of course, the place that discharged the patient "forgot" to mention a couple of things which needed immediate attention. I've been worrying about this and that so my sleeping has been a bit worse than usual, the Two AM Girl has been putting in extra hours on me, sometimes showing up around midnight. We had to go food shopping and we got that done and I started in on finishing the shawl I've been working on since the beginning of time. So Saturday I went to be early - and at 1:30 am Pearl  made a special guest star appearance, standing on us and crying and shaking. We were up til 3 with her - she kept hiding and crying and couldn't stop trembling - we took her out and she went to the bathroom, we fed her a little and she was fine. I finally fell asleep around 4 only to be back up around 4:30 and that's when we discovered she'd somehow managed to sprain her tail which apparently hurt everytime she sat down which would account for the crying (she can move it but she can't hold it up). I finished up the paperwork Sunday morning - I was already up and then headed out around 10 to the Faraway Patient. I came home and went swimming for a few minutes until I got another phone call about another patient which thankfully only turned out to be a phone call and not a visit, took Jackson shopping, did the wash, played with Pearl who's feeling better  and her tail issues seem to be resolving - and then fell asleep around 7pm - and stayed that way til 5 am. David said Adam called last night around 1 am from Washington State and he reports he hates it - it's cold, rainy, everyone is a big snot and the night scene is not the greatest. I think he just wants back here personally. But he's here finally - I didn't get to talk to him because David said he didn't want to wake me up, but I guess I'll be seeing him soon. He's in Washington for a couple of weeks and then he heads out to the east coast. Grandpa is doing better too which I'm relieved about, so maybe the 2 am Girl can  take a vacation!

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