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Saturday, June 30, 2007

End Of The Week.

One of the reasons I havent' been blogging is my AOL was glitching and I just didn't have time to reinstall it. Work has been nightmarish, I did 12 straight days. I worked through the weekend, made it home 7pm on Monday, 6:30 Tuesday, and 7:30 pm last night. The LPN is taking her boards on Tuesday but Susan informed me last night she let her LPN license lapse this weekend so until she gets her RN license we can't use her. The other per diem LPN's aunt passed away so he'll be in Nevada for the week so I am once again left holding the bag. On the upside I did go in and talk to my boss and got that straightened out. I can take a lot but I cannot take someone just being mad at me and not knowing why - avoiding people is just too much damn work. I've also been trying to follow the advice from the book, "The No Asshole Rule" - it's a wonderful read for management. I lent it to my co-worker and got a hug and told her she's to pass it onto the other manager when she's done.Things are hard enough in the office without us picking on each other. Adam is finally home, the Navy true to form hemmed and hawed and then just as suddenely announced it was time to go now which made a wild ride for him and an even wilder one for Janet and Diane who went to get him. We salute you and thank you so much! I'm finally off for the weekend so I'm planning on just shopping and laying around the pool if it doesn't rain. Jackson continues on in summer school and working with David - I'm so glad they have such a good relationship with each other and Adam's always had one with him too. It's great when your kids not only love you, but really like you, isn't it?

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