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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Running On Empty

David's current job is going well, I had spoken with one of the owners a few days ago and she said they're getting very excited as it's starting to near the end. David's been bringing Jackson to help out - it works for both of them. He pays Jackson pretty well and Jackson has been hoarding his money for the summer. We heard from Adam the other day, his plans have been pushed back another week and in true navy tradition they still haven't given him a definate date of leaving or a plane ticket. He's getting very stressed at this point as he has all of his possessions that need to be carted across the country, what a mess. They used to do this when he was in the navy all of the time so I suppose there's no need to change now. I'm working ALL DAY today, I have to leave here about 7:30 and will get back (hopefully) late afternoon. I'm now working 12 out of every 14 days and quite frankly, I'm getting tired. The house is a disaster, even when I'm home I don't feel like cleaning it, I do the dishes and the wash and that's about it. I've given up on the yoga - today I'll be missing the 3rd week so forget it. So I paid for classes I can't take but there's no point in even trying. I'm keeping an eye on the employment ads, I haven't quit yet, but if something better comes along I'll be applying. I hate feeling like this and I really don't want to quit as I've been there for two years, but I just don't see it getting any better.

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