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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Let The Countdown Begin

Can you believe Adam will be back in the US in less than a month? I can't! He's supposed to be calling his Grandmother as I've pointed out that although she loves him dearly and wouldn't send him to the homeless shelter, a bit of forwarning is always nice. I think he's just so excited he's not thinking clearly. Jackson will be done with school this Thursday - that went fast! He's off for a week and then starts summer school until the end of July - it's only 3 hours a day so not so bad. I was really off this weekend - work has reached nightmarish proportions lately and I ended the week with a tiny dust-up with my boss. Nothing serious but it just added to the stress which I really didn't need. I've been carrying a full load of patients but am still responsible for everything in the office and it just got to be too much - I think I'm a good visit nurse and a good manager, but I can't be both at once. Yesterday I got some stuff done, went to yoga, swam and then Jackson and I went to the movies in the afternoon. We saw the 3rd Pirates of The Carribean movie, it was very good but I don't think it's the last one by any stretch of the imagination. We ate a ton of popcorn and we put a shameless amount of butter on it.   Today looks overcast and grey, The Crack Weather Team has been predicting Severe Thunderstorms and Rain for over two weeks now - I assume if they keep it up they'll eventually be right. And that Rotten Vincent the Cat! He didn't come home last night at all - I called him for quite a bit after supper but nothing. This morning when I took Pearl the Pest out, there he was standing on the roof peering down at me. I did speak to him about his Behavior, but I'm pretty sure he could care less and went back out right after breakfast. David does not seem to feel the cat needs to be grounded, but I think he does, he's bad!

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mosie1944 said...

My granddaughters already have one week of their summer school done, leaving three weeks to go!  They go all day, though, and get $100 apiece if they don't miss a day.